Kollector Bags

Say 'hello' to Kollector Bags!

We are a small British business and we are all about colourful, cool, clever bags for you and your family- combined with ninja customer service! 

We believe in really looking after our customers. How do we do this? Well, free delivery within the UK for a start. Got a question? Just email or tweet and we will be happy to help. Our bags make fantastic gifts and we can even take care of the wrapping for you as an additional item - just click on the 'Gift' tab in the 'Shop' drop down menu for details. 

Maybe you are not 100% sure if a Kollector Bag is right for you? No worries - that's what our no quibble 30 day money back guarantee is for- just in case you change your mind. Take a look at our videos to see our products in action. 

We are proud to support other great British business. All our products are manufactured in the UK - if you've got time click on our 'About' tab to find out more about some of our fantastic team.

But perhaps best of all, we love giving back to kids. We do this by partnering with schools so that they can take a slice of our revenue! If you think your school might be interested in some totally hassle free fundraising, please point them in our direction. Schools can join our waiting list by clicking through to the 'schools' page on our menu. 

So, happy shopping - we hope you find something cool that will simplify your life!


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