As a mum of 3 aged between 3 and 12, I know about toys and I know about mess! Living in London, space is at a premium and the living room, dining room and kids bedrooms often have to do double duty as a playroom through the day. This is fine, but getting the kids to pick up every last piece or worse, having to do it myself, has taken up many hours of my life that I am not going to get back! Wishing I could just snap my fingers like ‘Mary Poppins’ I started working on something a bit more achievable….and Kollector Bags was born!

At first glance you might think we sell bags. But we also sell time, space and sanity!  Yes you can put things in the bag and carry it around, but that’s not the clever bit. Open the ‘Big Bag’ out flat and not only can you see everything without having to rummage, the bag doubles as a mat that kids can play on or you can use it as a picnic blanket without having to take everything out of the bag. The shallow collar around the edge of the bag curbs the creep of small toys outside of the bag and when it’s time to tidy up…just grab the drawstrings at either side and scoop the whole lot up in seconds! The cord stoppers keep everything closed nice and tight so it doesn’t spill and if your shelves and toy boxes are already full you can even hang the bag from a hook to free up valuable space. Bazinga!